Why Overseas Learning?

Why choose Overseas-Learning?


Choose from a broad variety of schools

Selecting the right school for your study is not only time consuming, it can be overwhelming, and getting lost in the sea of information can often present more questions than answers. Your local agencies might provide some help, but sometimes the best agencies are out of your local reach. Student feedback may not always be readily available to you.
Overseas Learning makes your life easier by providing a convenient list of schools with student ratings, allowing you to make an informed choice without the stress!

One time

Store your profile for future bookings

For every school or agency you need to re-submit all your information time and again.
With Overseas Learning, your information is stored safely and will be available for all future applications.

Secure Payment

Convenient, safe & secure payment

Payment to language schools is time consuming and bothersome as most schools require you to send them your bank confirmation letter of payment.
Overseas-Learning can take care of your payment with credit card (or other means of payment) that is safe & secure.


Talk to school staff & counselors

Often, it is hard to get direct feedback from schools and agencies, as email communication can be slow.
Overseas Learning has a chat function, providing you with a variety of answers from various school staff and counselors.


Learn online straight away

Contact one of the respective teachers for hourly teaching sessions, all conveniently through Overseas Learning and start learning a language of your choice immediately!
Overseas Learning allows you to get directly in touch with teachers from the school of your choice. This will make you more comfortable before your stay, smoothen your arrival and provide a secure source of help at your destination.

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