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The ideal preparation for living overseas.
Train daily online on your smartphone for 1 hour.

Proven methods and qualified teachers

Increase your success learning with qualified teachers who know how to communicate effectively. The broad experience of Overseas Learning helps you using English better in your career, studies or everyday life.

Efficient lessons

​Learn English 1:1 with your personal qualified tutor online.
Learn efficiently on Skype with a 100% teacher focus on the student needs. Your lessons will be tailored to your level and help you increasing your ability very quickly. We will also conduct regular surveys in order to ensure you get the best quality of language teaching and progress.

Flexible Lessons

​​Set your own time, ideally every day with your tutor. You can choose to have a different tutor after some time in order to experience different ways of speaking English from different parts of the world. Ideally, this will help you to get used to the way English is being spoken where you want to travel to.

Lesson curriculum

We will tailor the outlook of the lessons in able to best fit your needs. We can help you with Everyday English, Business English, Travel English, TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS

Language learning has benefits in developing academic skills, contributing to careers and employability, and developing communication skills, creativity, and effective learning strategies.

Learning Packages

Available learning packages.

FREE Introduction

10 - 15 Minutes introduction to get to know our teachers and methods.

Trial Lesson

Sign up now and get 1 hour English for only 15 USD.

10 hours Package

Improve your English in 10 days. ​
Price: ​115 USD ​

100 hours Package

100 hours ​inclusive 10 hours BONUS. ​
​Price: ​1050 USD ​

Single Lessons

Single lesson from 15 USD onwards.


Student Comments

I had a tough time understanding English spoken in Singapore which I needed badly for my job. Overseas Learning helped me with a specialized tutor just in that.
Thank you guys for the affordable rates!
Thanks to Overseas Learning. I could improve my english online as there is no school in my remote village Maganto.