College Counseling

Get into the college of your dreams

The whole application process for getting in your dream college is difficult and long. Having a world class counselor helping you increases your chances dramatically!

We have 30+ years of experience in college counseling and advising students and have worked internationally in​ India, Indonesia, Taiwan, Germany, Netherlands, ​Puerto Rico, Spain, Panama, China, Korea and Kenya.

College Search

We help you find the best college for you based on your interests, dreams and academic history.

Application Assistance

We help you through the entire application process and help you preparing the necessary documents.

Essay Guidance

We help you preparing your essay and teach you the most important points for writing a convincing essay.

Interview Preparation

We provide you interview assistance and teach you how you present yourself in the best way when under pressure.

9th and 10th Grade Consultation

Start your preparation early on. Usually, in the 9th and 10th grade its the best way to start. However it is not a problem if you are already older.

Scholarship & Financial Aid

We help you finding a scholarship in order to realise to study overseas in case you need financial assistance.

Career Assessment and development

You have questions about career? We will help you developing your career and assist you in figuring out your strengths.

We will help you along the path until your graduation day ...

Additional Information

Top Destinations

We will assist you with your studies in the following countries

  • CanadaCanada
  • New ZealandNew Zealand
  • IrelandIreland
  • IrelandAustralia
  • IrelandUnited Kingdom
Popular Destinations

We will assist you with your studies in the following countries

  • ChinaChina
  • JapanJapan
  • SwitzerlandSwitzerland
  • EuropeEuropean Union
Other Destinations

If you want to study in a region not listed, please send us a message and we will evaluate options with you

Are you a musician, artist or very good at sports?

We will assist you in with realising your full potential by identifying the best fit for college.

Counseling Packages

High quality and affordable college counseling.
FREE call for basic orientation
We can also help you to arrange summer academic programs, community service projects, and internship opportunities.

Short package

Price: 495 USD

Package content:
Sessions 1 - 4
Focus on fast solutions, essay review, specific questions, second opinion.
Often necessary for students and families feeling stress who need a calming.

Influence and direct, honest answers.

Medium package

Price: 935 USD

Package content:
​Sessions 6 - 9
Focus on quicker answers and solutions, application questions, choice of safety schools, essay and resume review.

For students seeking a second or third opinion but are not yet in a panic mode.

Large package

Price: 1595 USD

Package content
Sessions 10 -14
Semester or longer period of time. More comprehensive advising with a more personal approach on school search, visiting, applying, connecting, interviewing and writing essays.
Most often for international students and selective college applicants

Full package

Price: 2695 USD

Package content
Sessions 15-25
Cost for a full academic year, either grade 11 or 12, Year 1 or 2 of and AP or IB program.​
​This package is designed for students with high academic ambition, athletic or artistic talent, seeking admission into a very competive univeristy or special program.

Individual package

Start Price: 125 USD

Individual prices and plans possible depending on your situation.
Get in touch with us for an individual price quote by telling us your situation.
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Student Comments

Initially, I was clueless about what to study. Thanks to Overseas Learning, I could find some guidance
Student at University of California Davis
Many thanks to Overseas Learning for helping me finding scholarship!
Student at California State Polytechnic
Many thanks to the staff of Overseas Learning!
Student at University of Sydney
It is very hard to find the right university for me. Thanks to Overseas Learning I could find one.
Student at University of Sydney
The application process was horrible. Thanks for helping out.
Student at MIT
I was very nervous with the interview process. My counselor however could train me very well fort hat.
Student at Cambridge University
Overseas Learning has always believed in helping and guiding me. Overseas Learning placement administration officers also guided and encouraged us at each step thereby helping me secure my placement at such a reputed university.
Student at Stanford
“I can honestly say that Overseas Learning has helped me to grow both personally and professionally. What I love about their programs is how it teaches you to both think and see things differently. In the beginning I was a little nervous because I did not think of having the abilities in for getting into Stanford. However, the Overseas Learning staff as well as my colleagues truly stepped in and helped me. I see the value of having this degree more now than ever before, and I know that the knowledge and skills that I have obtained will take me very far in my professional career.”
Student at Princeton